Tour Operators

As your company has organized active travel for groups over the years, you’ve answered a ton of questions from clients about what activities are involved and how they can get ready for their trip.

And you may have dealt with post-trip feedback that the trip was more strenuous than the clients expected. They were too worn out or didn’t feel comfortable with the activity level once they were on the trip.

As much as you try to prepare clients for an active trip with information, rating systems and tips sheets, some of them need more personalized attention and support.

Trailblazer Wellness can help you satisfy more clients, get more rave reviews and referrals, and differentiate your company with the following services:

  • Develop customized, detailed fitness plans for each trip/itinerary that set reasonable expectations and specific benchmarks clients should be able to achieve before their trip.

  • Consult with special groups, such as multi-generational families, on their needs and how to prepare so that everyone enjoys the trip.

  • Create a referral revenue program that drives more business to your company while ensuring our mutual clients come home from their trip with great memories and rave reviews.



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