You did it – you booked that activity-filled trip that’s been on your mind for years. Whether you found a great tour company with the perfect package, or did the research to put together the itinerary yourself, congrats! To make the most of your trip, there are a few more things to do. By taking one or more of the following webinars, you’ll be ready to maximize your investment in your dream trip! Individual classes – $30 each; Package – $75

Three keys to getting fit for your dream trip – FREE introductory webinar

As you researched your trip you saw so many pictures of people having a great time enjoying all of the sites. You could almost smell the air, taste the food and feel the excitement of experiencing the culture at your destination.

Now you’re looking at your itinerary and wondering how you’re going to do it all, and come back with your own amazing pictures and memories.

This introductory class goes over three keys to preparing so that you can make the most of your trip:

  • evaluate your itinerary so you can prepare for what’s involved
  • ramp up your stamina between now and your trip to end each day with energy to spare
  • build your strength and your confidence 

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Evaluating your itinerary and setting up the training plan

Now that you have your dates and locations, and an outline of your trip’s activities, it’s time to dig a little deeper so that you can get fit for what’s coming. This class will help you with:
  • Asking the right questions of the tour company or research to do on your destinations so you know the specifics of the terrain and activities.
  • Assessing the physical activity you’re currently doing and compare it to what you’ll be doing on the trip.
  • Sketching out a plan to be ready for the activities you’re most excited about.
$30 stand alone, or $25 when purchased with 3-webinar package Upcoming webinar dates coming soon!

You can do it all – ramping up stamina

You have an idea about what to do so you can make the most of your trip – but it seems a bit daunting. You’re not sure how you’re going to fit these extra things into your already packed life! This class will help you:
  • Map out the incremental, doable steps to ramp up your stamina and strength for your trip’s activities
  • Set up the support that will keep you on track
  • Plan for detours, delays and distractions, and how to keep them from derailing you
$30 stand alone, or $25 when purchased with 3-webinar package Upcoming webinar dates coming soon!

Selecting and bringing the right gear and clothing to maximize comfort 

You have a packing list – comfortable shoes, clothing that can be layered, jackets and hats. But which shoes will be comfortable after walking for 3 hours on cobblestone streets? What fabrics work best for layering? And what is NOT on the list that you’ll be wishing you had partway through the trip? This class will cover:
  • What to look for in shoes that will be comfortable in different conditions
  • The latest fabrics and clothing features to keep in mind for different types of activities
  • Three things that may not be on your packing list now that you may want to add
$30 stand alone, or $25 when purchased with 3-webinar package Upcoming webinar dates coming soon!

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