Hi. I’m Becki Rupp.

I coach people who are excited to take their dream trip, yet are unsure if they’re physically fit enough to truly enjoy it. I help them get more active so they can make the most of their travels and come back with amazing memories.

To do this, I use my experience as a certified personal trainer (ACSM) and health coach (Wellcoaches). I know which exercises and activities will best prepare people for what they’ll do on their trip, plus I understand how to motivate and support them on their pre-trip journey.

I’ve hiked, biked, sea kayaked and explored 40+ US states as well as several countries in Europe, Central America and South America. I guided sea kayak tours for two years, and I’ve searched mountains and forests for missing people in five states as a member of a wilderness search and rescue team.

I created Trailblazer Wellness to help people transitioning to the next phase of life get more physically active, so they have the strength and stamina to enjoy the experiences they’ve dreamed of having.

Why health coaching for travel?

My inspiration to help people prepare for active trips came through working with a client who had just retired. She was excited to finally have the time and resources to travel more extensively. She realized, though, that she didn’t have the stamina and energy that she once had.

As we worked together, she gained strength and endurance, as well as confidence for her upcoming trips. It was incredibly rewarding for her, and for me.

Her situation isn’t unique – so many of us spend decades focusing our time and energy on careers and/or kids, and look forward to traveling more when we have fewer responsibilities. When that time comes, though, some find that they haven’t invested enough in taking care of themselves. What they dreamed about doing now seems daunting.

Now that I’m in my 50s, I’ve become more aware of how ambitious my bucket list is and what I’ll need to do so I can enjoy those trips.  I know it’s not too late though! My grandparents walked the Great Wall in China, explored the Amazon and Machu Picchu, toured Vietnam and more into their 80s. And that’s in spite of the fact that when my grandpa was 55, his doctor told him that he was on the verge of a heart attack if he didn’t change his diet, start exercising and stop smoking.

He was successful with two out of three – he started running (and won many races in his age group) and eating healthier meals. Although he struggled to kick the cigarette habit, he and my grandma traveled extensively and lived in their house until the end.

They’re my inspiration, as are many people I’ve met traveling and in the mountain community where I now live. I’m excited to help you make the most of your bucket list travels too!

What do you dream of doing?

My dream day includes exploring outdoors by my own power (walking/hiking, cycling or paddling), stopping to smell the roses (literally!), discovering a beautiful bird or garden or historic building, watching a gorgeous sunset, sharing that experience with others, and feeling pleasantly tired as I go to bed.

And of course eating delicious food, followed by a glass of red wine and a couple of pieces of dark chocolate!

What does your dream day look like? What about your dream trip? What other experiences do you dream of having? Let’s talk about it – email me or set up a time to chat!

How I can help you achieve your dream

With the strength of a personal trainer, the encouragement of a coach and the heart of a helper, I’ll help you find the motivation, time and energy to get physically active so you can make the most of your experiences.

What my clients say

As a newly retired person, Becki’s health coaching sessions have been invaluable as I try out this new phase of life.  I have a lot of things I want to be fit enough to do … experimenting with different strategies to meet [my goals] has been revealing and fun. – Christy F.

I have been working on wellness goals for a few years now on a number of fronts, and this process with Becki was very supportive of that! For me, Becki’s easy way and natural abilities as well as her knowledge worked very well. – Susan R.

Let’s talk about your dream and the steps to reach it.

Schedule your complimentary 30 minute discovery session.
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