Some say 22 is one of the “angel numbers” or “master numbers” – I just think it’s fun to use these types of numbers to make lists!

So of course my mind immediately goes to a list of ways to improve health and wellness. It’s a mix of ideas for fitness, nutrition, mental health and more. Enjoy!

  1. Try 1 new fruit – or 1 new recipe using your favorite fruit!
  2. Pick 2 things from this list to do this week.
  3. Identify 3 healthy habits to try for a week. I’m filling up 2 water bottles each morning and drinking them before the end of the day to increase my fluids. If you want some help with creating habits, check out BJ Fogg’s Tiny Habits free 5-day program or James Clear’s Atomic Habits 30-day free class.
  4. Set 4 health-related goals for yourself. One of mine is to drink at least 64 oz. of fluids a day (see above).
  5. Try 5 new vegetables – or 5 new recipes for your favorite vegetables. Here’s a list of vegetables to get some inspiration.
  6. Stretch for 6 minutes per day.
  7. Take 7 deep breaths when you’re feeling stressed.
  8. Add 8 minutes of physical activity to your day.
  9. Brainstorm 9 ideas to help you stick with a healthy habit. For example, set a reminder on your calendar, put a post-in note on your mirror, sign up for a class, etc.
  10. Find 10 ways to move more during your typical day. Some ideas: use a bathroom that’s farther away, set a timer to remind you to stand up and stretch every hour, play with your child or pet for a few extra minutes.
  11. List 11 things you’re good at and how you can apply those skills to improving your health. I’m good at organizing social gatherings, so I use that to organize hikes!
  12. Choose 12 healthy recipes to try this year. I have the app Forks Over Knives on my phone to inspire me.
  13. Remember 13 successes you’ve had in your life, small or big, and what helped you achieve them.
  14. Log your exercise for 14 days.
  15. Try standing on one foot for 15 seconds, then try on the other foot and notice any differences.
  16. Spend 16 minutes connecting with someone you care about.
  17. Make a list of 17 people you want to see in the coming year.
  18. Rest and recharge for 18 minutes per week – or per day!
  19. Practice some form of meditation or mindfulness for 19 days in a row.
  20. Invest $20 in something that helps you improve your health.
  21. Spend 21 minutes learning something new.
  22. Write down 22 things you’re grateful for in your life.

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