You finally booked that amazing trip that’s been on your mind for years – congrats! If you’re like me, you researched a bunch of options, read dozens of reviews from others who have been there, and carefully weighed the costs and perks before making reservations.

Now that you’ve got all the travel details locked down, the countdown begins! And now is your chance to prepare to make the most of your trip. 

Whether it’s roaming the streets of Rome, exploring the ruins at Machu Picchu, snorkeling with the special species in the Galapagos, or helping others through a volunteer vacation, chances are it involves activities that aren’t a part of your daily life. So what can you do to get ready?

A health coach can help you make the most of your trip in three main ways.

1: Increase Your Skills and Stamina

By their nature, active trips include a lot of interesting, and some challenging, experiences. Most of us don’t have the time in our “normal” lives to spend several hours a day walking, hiking or bicycling like we’ll be doing on the trip. 

Yet you can build your skills and stamina over the weeks before you go, so when you get there, you’ll be ready to enjoy your itinerary.

A health coach works with you to design realistic weekly activities that fit into your life. You’ll learn what works well for you, and the strengths you can build on. You’ll try new things in the comfort of familiar surroundings. And you’ll have your coach to support you through the process.

After a few weeks of working with a health coach, you’ll look back at your progress and get even more excited for what’s to come!

2: Stay on Track

We all know the old saying, the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. We have good intentions to do more activity, but then there are the detours, delays and distractions that derail us.

When you work with a health coach, you get extra support to stay on track. Your coach will hold you accountable and help you navigate alternate routes as needed.  

You never know what is going to come up before your trip, but you will know you have someone to keep you moving forward.

3: Improve your confidence and comfort

In the excitement of planning the trip, that little voice in the back of your head that asked, “Can I really do all of this?” may have been ignored.

Now as the departure date gets closer, it’s getting louder.

Your health coach will remind you of all the reasons to respond to the voice, “Yes, I can do this!” The reasons will come from the successes you’ve had, and what you’ve learned during your weeks of coaching.

When you show up at the start of the trip, you’ll be confident that you’re going to have an awesome time. You’ll be comfortable with the activities because you’ve been doing them. You’ll be able to focus on the new places you’re exploring and the memories you’re making.

You’ve invested a lot of time and money in your trip – now invest in getting yourself ready to make the most of it.

Want to talk about how this could work for you and your plans? Schedule a free 30-minute trip prep assessment call with me, and learn more about how I’ll help you get ready.

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